Alumni Network Benefits

1. Be part of an exclusive but growing listserv of executive women who are committed to accelerating one another's success.

  • Want to get nominated for an award?  Send it out to the network and we will respond!
  • Want to spread the word about a presentation you are doing?  We're committed to using our social networks to do that for you.
  • Want a referral?  Our network collectively is two degrees of separation from almost all professionals in the tech or tech related world!
  • Want to go for a hike this weekend?  We're the kind of group that gets personal and fun!

As long as you give, you get!  Together, we are stronger


2. Get listed on our website.  We profile headshots and bio’s / platforms for each Hipower member.  Individually we’re impressive, but when I have people look at us all together on the website, we look like a tribe of superheros!


3. Your platforms are always under development!  We get together in the spring of each year to do both a platform refresh jam session, and to practice our give and get in person with our semi-annual Ask and Answer period.


4. You know networking is important - especially with an extraordinary group like this.  Each summer, we give the entire network an opportunity enjoy the sun at our summer social


5. Each November, we bring us all back together for our singularly unique Hipower 2 day offsite, limited to Hipower members only.  Your membership covers the cost of facilities, facilitation, administration and food.  You pay for your own travel and accommodations.  If you've been to a Hipower offsite, you know it's worth every minute!


6. NEW THIS YEAR!  And if that's not enough to convince you, this year, we're organizing a new series of sessions for our network.  We're calling this the Hipower Experts Series.  We'll have experts from our Hipower network, and from our network’s network, speaking on their areas of expertise.  You're invited to hear them and meet the new Ring Participants (who will also be invited to this series), and then stick around after the session for more socializing.


2018 HiPower Off-Site

November 2-4, Location TBD

The program culminates in a 2 day offsite (tentative). This 2-Day offsite brings the members of all the HiPower Rings (for all members) together for a weekend of support and development. Your program fee includes cost of facilities, facilitation, administration and food.  You pay for your own travel and accommodations.