we love our SITE sponsors!

We appreciate, support and stand behind these non-profit leadership programs for women.

Wilpower™ Program

California - San Francisco & Palo Alto
New York - New York
Washington - Seattle

LWT’s WILpower Program is a safe place where you can develop, test out, nurture and grow your leadership skills tool kit.

WILpower - LWT’s signature program - is a year-long leadership development and networking program for women. Through a series of interactive workshops, participants boost their knowledge and practice skills, while building a priceless network of supportive women.

The CLUB Incubator

650 Gilman Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

The Incubator helps talented women propel their career growth and personal potential. Our annual program begins in January and brings participants ("Incubees") through a structured path of action steps that build purposefully.

Parity Professional Program

New York
San Francisco

Parity Partners created the Parity Professional Program (P3) to help women achieve their career aspirations

We believe that all financial firms should have diversity at all levels. Through our P3 curriculum, we help women develop the skills and network they need to accelerate their investment and technology careers.