Championing Women Who Drive Big Changes

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Find Your Tribe

Hipower is a network of leaders laser-focused on accelerating the goals and ambitions of the women in our network. We use our platforms to drive the change we want to see in our society. We push each other, showcase each other's platforms, and use hard work and creativity to realize our visions. We thrive on our deep bonds with each other and within our communities.

How Hipower Helps


Hipower invites a small group of demonstrated leaders to form a “ring” each year. Our premise is that a twelve-month commitment builds trust and the capacity to explore new boundaries as each participant answers the question “What do you want to be known for?”



Each participant defines her vision through a series of workshops led by a distinguished faculty that includes coaches, brand experts, organizational development consultants and storytellers.


The program presents a road map to guide that year’s ring participants as they articulate a personal vision that inspires them.


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