The Hipower Selection Committee begins the application review process in December of each year. In certain cases the Committee schedules interviews with selected candidates in early January. Decisions are made in January and accepted candidates are notified by February.

Qualification Criteria

  • You hold a vice president, C-level or partner title at an existing organization

  • You have presented in at least 3 public speaking engagements or have had at least 3 articles published by a third party

  • You are on at least one board (for-profit or non-profit) or volunteer for at least one organization

  • You are ready to commit to attending 6 out of 7 of the meetings during the course of the program year

Selection Process

The Hipower Selection Committee invites up to 15 leaders to form a Hipower Ring each year. The Committee carefully considers all applicants, taking into consideration

  • Whether the applicant meets the basic Qualification Criteria

  • The applicant’s expressed motivation and readiness to build on her success to achieve significance, support other Hipower members and contribute to the advancement of women in business generally, and

  • The applicant’s ability to contribute to the diversity of the Ring and the broader Hipower tribe.

When the number of qualified candidates exceeds 15, the Committee considers the diversity of the Ring as a whole, including role, area of expertise, industry and demographics. For example, if the applicants include four attorneys, the Committee may decide to invite only two of the four for that year’s ring, encouraging the other two to apply again for the following year’s ring.

In certain instances, the Committee receives applications that are light on detail, making it difficult for the Committee to determine whether the applicant is truly committed to the goals of the Hipower program.

Accordingly, while lengthy applications are not necessary, the Committee encourages applicants to provide specific examples of leadership, drive and passion when submitting an application.

Excited About the Opportunity?