Introduction to Your Platform

In this first session, we will tackle the question What do you want to be known for? This will form the basis of what we call your ‘platform’.   A platform is something that you are known for separate from your employment with a particular company or organization. It is something that drives you and that will continue to drive you for at least 5 years.  It draws from what makes you unique - what your special powers are and your passions are.

Consider buying a special journal just for Hipower to use for all of the work you do during this year.

Telling Your Story

THE TAKEAWAY from this second session: Lead through your personal stories.  People follow people, not strategies.  You need to show your vulnerability, but in a way that commands leadership, respect and learning.  By learning how to command leadership through personal storytelling you will inspire others, which increases your influence and your visibility. 

WARNING: Check your inhibitions and your skepticism at the door.  Come prepared to try new things, to receive value, and to deliver value!

In SESSION 3 we are going to use a workstyles assessment provided by our own Karen Gordon’s company 5 Dynamics to learn how to work together better. What does this have to do with your legacy?  NO ONE ACHIEVES THEIR DREAM ALONE!  We grow bigger, better and stronger when we are part of a community (like Hipower).  But that means we need to learn how to be a positive participant and player in an excellent team.  The 5 Dynamics helps us understand how to be better together.  Each of you will get a personalized link to complete your 5 minute assessment on line!

Working Session

NO HIPOWERITE LEFT BEHIND!  Usually by this point, participants are worried that they are falling behind.  So this is our working session - our chance to get caught up! Here's what to expect from this session:

5:45 - 7:00 - we'll go around the room and everyone has to say something about where they are on their platform

You have 1 minute to state your current version of your platform.  It can be as messy as "I spend my days doing financial analysis and the part of it I like is …, but in the end my passion since I was in college has been journalism.  I'd really love to write about how large company financial departments act as breaks instead of accelerators, but I don't know how much I have to say on the topic."

We have 4 minutes to ask questions and offer suggestions.

GOAL:  Learn from each other.  Learn about each other.  Get some feedback from people who care.

7:00 - 7:30 - I will pair you up and you need to work together to continue to refine each of your platforms.  That gives you 15 minutes each completely focused on your own goals.

7:30 - 8:00 - Rewrite your bio!

Bring your current bio in hardcopy or on your computer.

I'll break you up into 3's.  I want you to each redraft your bio's and ask each other questions about how to phrase different sentences given your platform or its current direction.

GOAL:  You leave with a better bio!

Communicating with Impact

Increasing your visibility requires you to make an impact in your communications.

In Session 5, you’ll meet the amazing Danny Slomoff. Danny’s philosophy:

There's no such thing as public speaking. There are only conversations: one-to-one and one-to-many. The term 'presentation' is psychologically limiting because people who present, give speeches, or speak publicly tend to accidentally and unconsciously alter their behavior — becoming a fraction of their rich, conversational selves. f you want to excel at a skill, approach speaking the way great athletes and musicians approach their talent: develop a strong awareness of what you're doing when you're terrific and then use that knowledge to build consistency. 

Bring your story, your platform, or a speaking topic you want to create an impact with.  You'll get more impact from this session if you have something tangible to work with.

Developing A Point of View

You have spent the year learning how to think about what you want to be known for outside of a job title. You have learned the importance of being visible in order for o be known and using personal stories to be more effective leaders. And you have heard what it takes to communicate for impact, because if you’re going to be visible you need to take the stage and communicate. What we haven’t discussed yet is how to make your platform stand out, be easily understood, and be different!  In this final session before our Hipower Offsite, you’ll learn how to create a campaign around your platform.  Apply what expert marketers know to do for their companies to your own platform and visibility.

Each year, Hipower organizes a 2 day offsite where "graduating" program participants and the Hipower Alumni Network get to meet and work together to deliver value to one another, learn about everyone's platforms, and continue to help the entire tribe in achieving their visions.