Betsy Tong

CEO and Co-Founder, Honistly

Betsy Q Tong is the CEO and Co-Founder of Honistly. Previously, she was COO at Headstart Financial where she was responsible for fund raising and setting up operations for a start up business that generated $1.5M in the first three months of operations in Q4’18. She is a serial intrapreneur, having led and helped build businesses worth $100s of millions for large technology corporations. In 2018, she decided it was time to figure out whether she could create value for herself and her partners. Betsy started her career as a journalist, covering murder and mayhem. Skills in asking questions and listening helped propel success as a consultant after business school. She was part of the team that sold IBM’s storied PC Division to a Chinese company and worked with the first CEO to merge the China and US based executive team. At Symantec, she was core to shifting the business from software to appliances. That business grew from $0 to $500M with Betsy running supply chain, support and operations before she left. Needing a change, she went to Intel to run product management and ended helping build a $100M solutions business in one year. Now she is focused on a true start up and all the challenges that entails.

Betsy received her B.A. from Tufts University, and her Masters from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and University of California’s Anderson School of Business. Her passion is coaching and helping women build their professional networks.