Theresa Kushner

Theresa Kushner is presently the Vice President of Enterprise Information Management at VMware, Palo Alto, California. Ms. Kushner was recruited for this position in October 2012 and chartered to build a data governance, data management, business intelligence and advanced analytics capability for the fastest growing software company in Silicon Valley’s history. To date, she has built an organization that manages master data, for both customer and products, which is consumed in reporting and combined with structured and unstructured data to drive insights for the business.

Before joining VMware, Ms. Kushner was the Director of Customer Intelligence within the Strategic Marketing organization of Cisco Systems in San Jose, California. She joined Cisco Systems in 2006 to create, for the world’s leading internet company, a department that understands, manages and applies customer information to marketing. At Cisco, she directs a team of analytics strategists and specialists whose main job is to increase Cisco’s market share by applying insights gathered from customer data.

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