Geeta Kadambi

Dr. Geeta Kadambi has accumulated a breadth of scientific and patent law experience at government, public and private organizations. Her experience includes 20+ years of out of this world scientific research experience at NASA, management roles in biotechnology companies, patent examination work for the USPTO and her own entrepreneurial patent law practice. Geeta is the recipient of two Space Act Awards for inventions at NASA. Geeta is a member of Hipower, a select group of women corporate leaders focused on accelerating each woman’s leadership role from professional success to wide-ranging significance. In 2013, Geeta was elected to the Leading Women in Technology board for 2014-2015.  Dr. Geeta is a member of Rotary Club and is passionate about eye care for the underserved.

Prior to her current venture, Geeta has worked as a Senior Scientist at Amersham Pharmacia Biotech and Hyseq and as a Project Manager managing stem cell research at University of California Berkeley. Geeta has deep experience in the areas of biopharmaceuticals, biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, chemistry, biomedical devices, clean tech and pharmaceuticals; analytical and medical devices; and biotechnology.

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