Annie Rogaski

Inspiring others to seek out their “working joy.”

Founding Partner at HIPLegal LLP

For years, I gave my good years to my large law firm, spending days, nights, weekends toiling in high-stakes patent litigation. In 2014, I took control of my working life and focused on maximizing the joy I derive from practicing law. I co-founded a small intellectual property law firm with two other women in tech, and transitioned from litigation to using the realities of IP litigation to help clients develop robust competitive IP strategies. When I started focusing on working joy I saw benefits both in my effectiveness as a lawyer and my well-being and happiness as a person. It also highlighted how little working joy we find in most of our workplaces. It is not a “nice to have.” Working joy is critical to our health as people and to our work environments. So, I share my working joy story, highlight the working joy of awesome women in my podcast “HIPerspectives,” and look for ways to help companies create more thriving workplaces through the CLUB Thriving Workplace Initiative.

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