At the Podium: Hipower Executives Deliver Keynotes

As leaders in their fields, Hipower executives are called upon to share their experience and vision as keynote speakers at events around the world. Here are a few examples.


Maki Kaplinsky at Synopsys

Maki Kaplinsky, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-founder & CEO NFT Inc., and Developer of the NFT ASKA eVTOL drive and fly vehicle, was a featured keynote speaker at SNUG (Synopsys Users Group) Japan, a gathering of Synopsys executives, industry leaders, design ecosystem partners, and members of the Synopsys global design community. The electronics industry’s largest user conference, SNUG brings together nearly 10,000 Synopsys tool and technology users across North America, Europe, Asia, and Japan.

Maki’s keynote and presentation focused on lessons learned from her experience as an entrepreneur. She explained her vision for the drive and fly eVTOL ASKA, and her company’s passion for how the future can be better with Urban Air Mobility. She also touched on how a supportive working environment for women can deliver economic benefits.



Nolwenn Godard at NYPS USA 19

Nolwenn Godard, Director of Pricing Product at PayPal, delivered the keynote at NYPS USA 19 in Chicago. Her topic: "Imagining Possible Futures and Understanding What They Mean for Pricing." She also participated in a “Women in Pricing” panel. The Nail Your Pricing Strategy USA is a one of a kind platform for leadership in the worldwide Pricing, Revenue Management, Commercial, Marketing and Digital Transformation community. Covering B2B, B2C and Digital & E-commerce in dedicated streams, the conference provides a knowledge base for the global pricing community.

As the Director of Pricing Product at PayPal, Nolwenn is responsible for a platform that helped enable nearly 10 billion payment transactions to be priced, generate over $15 billion in revenue and serve 267 million active accounts in more than 200 markets in 2018. She has extensive experience in successfully building and scaling products and platforms. As a passionate advocate for Diversity & Inclusion, Nolwenn regularly works to lift up other women.



Micheline Casey at Financial Times Future of the Car Summit

Micheline Casey, Global Head of Data, Ford Smart Mobility, delivered a keynote (the only female keynote) at the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit in London, which brought together over 450 of the most influential players in the automotive industry. Other keynote speakers included the CEOs of WM Motor, Volvo Cars, and Bentley Motors.

Micheline is a data strategy and innovation executive with over 20 years’ experience helping organizations use data and analytics for revenue growth and transformation. She is Head of Data for Ford Smart Mobility, and is tasked with helping Ford drive new revenue opportunities through a broad data product portfolio across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She was previously chief data officer at the US Federal Reserve Board, and with technology companies such as ChoicePoint and IBM Global Services. She has been on the boards of and advisors to numerous companies in both the private and public sector.

Jennifer Donahue