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Hipower Signature Program Session 5 - San Francisco

Communicating with Impact

Increasing your visibility requires you to make an impact in your communications.

In Session 5, you’ll meet the amazing Danny Slomoff. Danny’s philosophy:

There's no such thing as public speaking. There are only conversations: one-to-one and one-to-many. The term 'presentation' is psychologically limiting because people who present, give speeches, or speak publicly tend to accidentally and unconsciously alter their behavior — becoming a fraction of their rich, conversational selves. f you want to excel at a skill, approach speaking the way great athletes and musicians approach their talent: develop a strong awareness of what you're doing when you're terrific and then use that knowledge to build consistency. 

Bring your story, your platform, or a speaking topic you want to create an impact with.  You'll get more impact from this session if you have something tangible to work with.