Rebecca Speer

Co-Founder, Tribu Partners LLP

Rebecca Speer co-founded Tribù Partners LLP, a firm dedicated to helping organizations build highly skilled investigative teams and to implement practices that promote an equitable and trusted workplace.

After leaving BigLaw early in her career, Rebecca became a pioneer in developing legal services in new terrain.  Propelled by an emerging awareness of workplace violence after experiencing a mass shooting at the 101 California Street offices in San Francisco, Rebecca established and evangelized a programmatic approach for preventing workplace violence, bringing those methods to major companies, testifying before Congress, and eventually chairing a national committee to develop ANSI-approved standards for workplace violence prevention and intervention.  

Convinced that quality, independent investigations would enable employers to better address employee misconduct and preserve a respectful and inclusive work environment, Rebecca also founded a non-traditional, niche investigative firm -- a type of law firm unheard of then.  With a focus on concerns involving senior and executive management, Rebecca has performed hundreds of workplace investigations and developed trusted relationships with top employers across industries, enabling clients to adeptly address their most sensitive and complex employee issues.

Tribù Partners represents a further evolution of Rebecca’s career.  Tribù is based on the ethos that an employer's fair and adept handling of internal employee complaints drives organizational trust and transforms the workplace culture.  With her business partner, Rebecca seeks to impart important know-how to clients, and also to build a sense of community and mission among in-house investigative teams.

Rebecca graduated from Stanford University and the Santa Clara University School of Law.  She feels passionate about ethical leadership and entrepreneurship -- the quest to deliver services that matter.