Kristine Palmer

CMO, Reventals Event Rentals

With 15 years of sales & marketing experience in various industries, Kristine has developed a unique approach to word of mouth marketing which she teaches in her marketing consulting business. She is also rapidly gaining new skills in digital marketing through her newest role as CMO and co-founder of Reventals, a party & event rental startup in Austin, TX. Her BA in Spanish from Wheaton College (IL) and her MBA from St. Edwards University (Austin, TX) gave her very little of the knowledge she actively uses today, however, they were vital in developing the analytical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership skills that she relies on every day. She is active in volunteering at her local elementary school and church as well as the Austin Lawyers’ Auxiliary, while supporting other non-profits in town. She is an avid mystery book reader, enjoys practicing piano as often as she can (although she hasn’t progressed much past her high school level), and has recently taken up watercolors and flower arranging. Kristine & her husband just celebrated 15 years of marriage and have two young children, a 7 month- old yellow lab, and a lop-eared bunny to keep her busy at home.