Jodi Mixon

VP Racing Development, nCAP Technologies

Jodi is a Woman in Math & Science innovator who has built a tech entrepreneur career in STEM, consumer products, and auto racing industries. Since recruited from Canada in 1996 to LBUSD, she has been the forefront of driving ground-breaking STEM programs to introduce technology in non-traditional at-risk schools, Early Childhood, STEM and Robotics industries. As lead teacher of a $5 million dollar JP Kennedy Jr Foundation, Triangle of Caring, Jodi wrote content for the Initial guide introducing the program to the entire homes, school and community. For two years Jodi would act as Science Department Head, building an award winning inner city middle school program with 4 colleagues at Franklin Middle school under the direction of Dr. Shaun Ashley.

Jodi presentation at SXSW 2016 and 2017 at The Robotic Petting World of Disaster Solutions and the HBCU SX panels speak about robots for human good. As well, she contributed to F.I.T.’s 2016 Tribeca Do-Tank, providing LED installation Ozoboit robots for light source. Jodi has studied Integrative Thematic Education in Canada and the U.S. and brings broad experience in knowledge-based learning. Jodi holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba concentrating on Alternative Education with a minor in Native Studies.

As an early investor and developer in Cloudb 2001 and Ozobot 2014, Jodi was placed on the Advisory Board and STEM Specialist for numerous global product launches to new markets. She has extensive experience managing key partnerships and designs product launches integrated with the learning styles of intended captive audiences. Jodi maintains a supportive role with Field Innovation Team, a non-profit global group of leaders who empower humans to create cutting-edge disaster solutions most recent, Hurricane Harvey and her recovery role in Rockport, TX. One year later, she continues staying involved with a sheltering project with the community at the fire station and creating shelter solutions. As well, Jodi speaks on STEM panels during UT STEM Faire, Austin Startup Week, Austin Spurs outreach games and is a life-long supporter of GirlStart.

In her current role with nCAP Technologies Jodi manages and monitors the integrity of nanocapacitor identity security solutions vision and introduces and executes blockchain technology biometric authentication strategies to emerging enterprise customers, clients, and business partners. Jodi enjoys Formula 1 Racing and was instrumental in managing guest experiences in the Grand Plaza at the inaugural 2012 Circuit of the America’s U.S. Grand Prix in Austin Texas.