Candice Tubera

CEO & Founder; and Director Chapter Launches & Corporate Programs, UPWARD; and WWOW (Winning With Other Women) / WWOW the WORLD

Candice Tubera discovered that there comes a point in life that you have to give up your own plans for a higher purpose. She has a previous background of over 15 years as a Respiratory Therapist, has a business in financial literacy programs and services (currently life and securities licensed), and is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and a woman of faith. All of that and many life lessons, took her on a journey of finding her current passion for people and abandoning what she thought life was to be, surrendering her own plans for an unexpected calling and purpose.

A life-changing decision led Candice to create a women’s nonprofit organization, WWOW (Winning With Other Women) / WWOW the WORLD, in 2016. Aside from motherhood, it has been the most rewarding experience and easiest thing she has ever accomplished. In under one year, WWOW expanded to 8 different communities across 2 states, and this year is expanding globally to bring together women, generations, and families to empower others; build communities and a legacy; inspire people through our acts of kindness and service; and WIN with the world.

WWOW’s motto is “cease to increase” – it is through service and selfless acts with no expectation of anything in return that you experience a true sense of success and significance. WWOW helps women to discover their own blessings to use it to bless others, communities, and ultimately the world. WWOW the WORLD has created and collaborated with other community organizations for various outreach and service projects locally. On a global level, Candice has led multiple teams to natural disaster relief in Texas (Hurricane Harvey), North Carolina (Hurricane Florence), and throughout northern California for the devastating wildfires in the last two years.

Her passion for a mission driven organization and the development of people led her to become Director of Chapter Launches & Corporate Programs in 2018 with another women’s nonprofit organization – UPWARD (Uniting Professional Women Accelerating Relationships & Development.) She works closely with executive level women around the world to provide support, resources, and creative solutions to overcome challenges women face in business advancement and to grow their success.

One of her most recent accomplishments is becoming a public speaker sharing her testimony, story, and experience in service based nonprofit work all over the United States. She realized there is NO experience ever wasted – whether good or bad – your life experiences are lived to inspire others, if you allow them to. Candice continues to grow and expand the mission of both UPWARD and WWOW the WORLD to make a positive global impact and to empower others to live a life of their dreams through servant leadership.