Becky Abramowitz

Co-Founder, VP of Operations & Business Development, Breezeworks

Becky Abramowitz is the VP of Business Development and Operations for Breezeworks, a software platform designed to help service pros run their businesses from anywhere. Her career in technology started in early 2010 when she joined HomeRun; an early stage startup focused on providing small business owners with digital marketing tools to generate new customers. At HomeRun she managed a team of account managers and helped scale into 13 new markets. In 2011 HomeRun was acquired by Reardon Commerce. During her time at HomeRun, she discovered a deep passion for building technology to help small businesses become more efficient, effective, and profitable. Eager to feel the energy and creativity of a startup again, she joined Breezeworks in 2013 as their first employee. Over the course of the last five years, she and her team have built tools that give new freedoms to time-strapped small business owners. Managing a lean team means that she gets to have a hand in every aspect of the company, running sales, marketing, business development, and working closely with the engineering team to shape product development. This incredibly rewarding experience continues to reaffirm her desire to innovate and share the power of technology beyond the Bay Area to help small businesses grow.