Manpreet Grover

CEO & Managing Partner, SOAProjects, Inc.

Manpreet Grover is a natural leader who brings thought leadership, critical thinking, strong
project management skills, and exceptional interpersonal skills to each client and
employees. Manpreet has gained vast wisdom from many styles of leadership during her 17
years in Big 4 public accounting. Her unique ability to combine empathy, respect, and sound
judgment has allowed SOAProjects to both partner and compete with the world’s strongest
and most vested CPA firms. Her vision and determination has combined significant growth
both organically as well by strategic acquisitions. She is an outstanding leader and carries out
her business with the utmost integrity. She promotes ethical behavior and treats everyone with
respect. She has been key to the growth of SOAProjects which has achieved an 87% increase in
revenue since she joined the firm in 2009. Under the leadership of Manpreet Grover,
SOAProjects has received numerous awards including being acknowledged as the Fastest
Growing Private Company over the last few years.

Manpreet has enhanced the work environment of the Company and is committed to helping
employees have a well-balanced lifestyle between work and family resulting in a marked
improvement in employee satisfaction ratings. SOAProjects has been awarded and
acknowledged as the Best Place to Work in Silicon Valley over the past few years.
Manpreet Grover was awarded the 2014 Businesswomen of the Year award by the San Jose
Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce in recognition for her leadership at SOAProjects. She
was also the Women of Influence Honoree in 2016.

She has persevered through 17 years of Big 4 public accounting experience prior to SOAProjects and understands what it takes to create cumulative success. She enjoys her work and strives to be her best and supporting those around her to the same end and is an effective and global leader who practices what she preaches. Leading by example, she has helped shape a dynamic workforce of credentialed CPA’s who meet the constant demand while being provided with healthy choices for balancing in their lives. She is not intimidated by the challenges of creating a tolerant, diverse and fluid business culture. The results of her working through adversity have made SOAProjects one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in Silicon Valley two years in a row. She wears many hats leading as CEO, yet remains warm and empathetic to her community.

Manpreet understands the Company’s success is dependent on creating a viable corporate
culture and attracting and retaining the right people. She recognizes that SOAProjects
employees are the Company’s most important assets, and believes the Company success is
attributed to the employees’ high level of satisfaction and their dedication to the Company’s
mission. The work culture allows employees to think and act like entrepreneurs while the
company is committed to their job security and work/ life balance. We take pride in our
SOAProjects workplace culture.

Manpreet is passionate about her work and family. She is focused on hiring employees who
share her passions as a priority over just experience and credentials. She believes in ethical
professional behavior. She encourages open honest communication and proactively gives real-
time feedback and welcomes feedback. She has promoted a culture where employees feel safe
and trusted to speak freely without fear of repercussions. Her office door is always open and she always has time to listen to individual needs and concerns.