Agnès Faure

Co-founder and Curator, 836M

Agnès Faure is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the arts and media, all of which serves her well in her role as the co-founder and curator of 836M, a San-Francisco-based, non-profit gallery. Faure also serves as a marketing strategy advisor for the French Tech Hub, a company whose purpose is to advise leaders of French high tech companies setting up offices in the U.S. Prior to launching 836M in 2014, Faure served as founder and publisher of Arts Magazine, a Paris and San-Francisco-based publication that pioneered strategies for making arts accessible to general audiences. Faure’s business experience includes a role as vice president of sales at Les Echoes Financial Times, the largest business daily newspaper in France. Faure earned a master’s degree in her native France, and in more recent years completed a dual MBA from Hass School of Business, University of California Berkeley and Colombia Business School.

The gallery is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art in San Francisco by providing exhibition opportunities for emerging and/or established artists. It is a cultural and artistic endeavor designed to leverage the diverse interests and audiences within San Francisco. 836M showcases artists who surpass themselves, push boundaries, and create astonishing art. As curator at 836M, Faure chooses exhibits and events that create excitement and reflect the global scope of contemporary art while broadening social awareness through the arts. Exhibitors include the renowned French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, the first artist in 300 years to have a permanent installation in the gardens around the Palace of Versailles, and the internationally acclaimed graffiti artist, Banksy.

In conjunction with Othoniel’s exhibit at 836M, the artist’s acclaimed sculpture, Rose des Vents, was installed at Golden Gate Park. Faure has been leading the effort to make this piece a permanent installation in the park and has facilitated all the negotiations with city officials in Paris and San Francisco to finalize the placement.

The gallery’s focus is on artistic excellence with philanthropic impact. It has promoted local artists and hosts ongoing programs to support street art from the surrounding community. The award winning San Francisco dance group, RAWdance, was featured at the gallery from March to September 2016. From the fall of 2016 through the spring of 2017, 836M presented a four-part exhibition with Oakland’s Creative Growth Art Center. The center has achieved international recognition in the field of art and disabilities. Artwork coming out of this unique environment is included in prominent collections and museums worldwide.

Current and Past Exhibits at 836M
From mid-February through early June 2018, 836M is presenting La Lumiere Parle (The Light speaks), the first solo exhibition in San Francisco of the works of the renowned French “light” artist, Eric Michel. The exhibit forms what Michel claims is a total work—one that includes light, colors, and sound in dialogue with the surrounding space. Featured in the show are examples of Michel’s florescent sculpture, photography, and painting as well as videos created by the
artist. During the exhibit, colored films are being used to tint the natural light throughout the gallery.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery/San Francisco Pop Up (late September 2017 to mid-January 2018)
The Carpenters Workshop Gallery has established locations in France, London, and New York City York City, and this exhibit at 836M underscored its commitment to developing the collectible design market on the West Coast. The works of rising and already established American and European artists/designers were featured. The pieces showcased in the exhibit go beyond the traditional territories of expression and strive to put everyday objects in a
spotlight that outshines their original purpose or reinvent more standard forms of sculpture, using technology and/or light to transform them into magical objects.

Artist in Residence at 836M (May – June 2018)—the French dancer, producer, and choreographer, Redha Medjellekh.
In collaboration with 836M, “Red” involved local dancers and artists in pop up events and created a viral video highlighting the diversity, beauty, and progress of San Francisco. All his efforts were meant to impress audiences with the value of their personal identities and empower them in dealing with current adverse political influences.