Taly Dunevich

Global VP, Business Development and Alliances, Ayehu Software Technologies

Taly is the VP of Business Development at Ayehu Software Technologies, a leader in Intelligent Automation for the Enterprise.

Taly brings over 20 years of experience in leading Business development, Partnerships, Sales and Marketing for dynamic startups and established companies - A strong believer in growth through Strategic Partnerships and Alliances.

Before joining Ayehu, Taly served as VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for Uptima, a leader in System Integration.

Prior to that Taly served at senior leadership positions, from venture funding development, to Sales and Marketing leadership roles in fortune 500 companies.

Taly was Israel’s Windsurfing Champion as well as a World Windsurfing Championship Bronze medalist.

She brings to her work the energy, discipline and performance standards of an athlete.

Taly lives in Los Altos, CA with her husband and two kids and in her free time enjoys Running, Hiking, Reading and Striving to make a difference in her community by being  a Co-founder and Board Member of the national student leadership program - “MISHELANU”, as well as, volunteering at “MAAGALIM” a non-profit origination providing support to people facing life challenges.

Taly holds an MBA and BA in Economy and Business Management.