Marjorie Goux

Chief Legal Counsel, Clif Bar & Co.

Marjorie Goux is Chief Legal Counsel at Clif Bar & Company in Emeryville, California. Previously, she served at The Clorox Company in Oakland, California as general business counsel to the Glad Products Company and at Hewlett-Packard Company as Chief Trademark and Anti-Counterfeiting Counsel for the Imaging and Printing Division, Palo Alto, California. Prior to her corporate roles, she was on the award-winning private practice IP team of Baker & McKenzie both in London, UK and Palo Alto, California.
When she’s not busy with business, Marjorie passionately advocates for education reform and improving conditions for women and girls in the workplace, home, and school. Marjorie is a graduate of The University of Washington (BSc Chemistry) and University College, London (Honors Law), wife of a conceptual artist, and happy mom to amazing boy/girl twins.