Erin Rand

COO, ServiceRocket

Erin Rand’s passion is mentoring and providing strategic guidance to early stage tech companies, especially those who want to reshape the enterprise. She is skilled at navigating through growth barriers that could stall a company’s trajectory and finding the keys to ignite accelerated growth. She has broad experience designing and implementing strategic and operational initiatives at companies such as IBM, Brocade, NetApp and ServiceRocket.

Erin currently serves as Chief Operating Officer and Secretary at ServiceRocket, a rapidly growing company that helps fast-growing software companies scale by providing their enterprise customers with training, support, implementation and tools. ServiceRocket has grown to over 150 employees with locations in five countries over the last 4 years. In her current role, Erin is responsible for worldwide operations, talent and all administrative functions (including IT, finance and legal). She brought visibility, transparency and accountability to the company by implementing the cloud-based financial system Netsuite, rolled out the initial stock plan for employees and ensured regulatory and tax compliance as the company transitioned headquarters from Australia to the US and opened locations in the UK and Chile, all while growing at a rate exceeding 40%.

Erin joined ServiceRocket from Brocade, where she led various operational initiatives and departments, including global services operations, finance operations and M&A integration. Erin applied systems thinking and her industrial engineering skills to build out a new, robust SOX program that accelerated the business objectives of the company while achieving clean opinions from external auditors from the first year. Her strength in recognizing and leveraging patterns across businesses also allowed her to design and implement a new M&A integration platform and playbook to integrate acquisitions that added over one billion dollars in value to the company.

Erin holds degrees in engineering and mathematics. She serves as a Director of ServiceRocket, Inc. and on the Advisory Boards of Quarrio Inc. and The Club , a non-profit accelerator of women leaders. She speaks frequently on a range of topics related to breaking through challenges and capitalizing on risk. Her passion is working with dynamic people and companies, helping them work through inflection points in their growth. A native of Nova Scotia, Canada, Erin is an enthusiastic traveler and adventure seeker. Outside of the office you may find her using her PADI SCUBA certification to explore deep waters, driving race cars at the tracks, or playing a mean poker hand in Vegas. She lives with her husband, Ray, in Los Gatos, CA.

Erin is a member of Hipower, a select group of women corporate leaders focused on accelerating member’s leadership roles from professional success to wide-ranging significance. Hipower is organized under Leading Women in Technology, dedicated to unleashing the potential of professionals who advise technology businesses and executives.

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