Joanna Bloor

CBO, The Amplify Lab

Joanna believes that every decision about people and their opportunities, personal and professional, are made in a room that they are not in. To which she asks, is there a way to make sure the story being told is the very best one of each person? Joanna believes it’s totally possible. And not only possible, but critical in the modern workplace because if we all understand our unique value proposition then everyone wins.

Innovation broker and belief agent for the brave and curious, Joanna Bloor is a veteran of bringing new ideas to life at Pandora, Openable and CBS Interactive. Currently she’s the CEO and Founder of The Amplify Lab, a people accelerator.

Joanna is a keynote speaker workshop facilitator at various industry events including TED 2016, Leading Women in Technology, Watermark and Dreamforce 2016.

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