Betsabe Botaitis

Director of Finance Operations, Lending Club

Strategic, passionate, and resilient finance and operations expert with a unique ability to be a catalyst for change and to bring order to chaos. Betsabe has over sixteen years of experience in financial services, including Fintech, growing business in Latin America, leading change in the space of Inclusive finance, and implementing sound operations and financial infrastructures across global markets. Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her ability to create and see opportunities where most people only see challenges. She possesses an unmeasurable commitment and passion for social and economic equality.

On top of her commitment, at every step and turn of her life, Betsabe has chosen the road less travelled – consistently rejecting the norm and surpassing the expectations people placed on her around gender, origin, or age. Friends and colleagues will say that Betsabe has chosen, in the words of Virginia Wolf, “the life of adventure, peril, where nothing follows a normal course.”

Betsabe’s professional journey is a product of perseverance and the determination to make a childhood dream a reality. Since a young age, she envisioned herself as a successful executive, helping narrow social and economic gaps. Born to modest origins in Mexico and having little access to opportunities, as a teenager, she went from serving as bank teller to becoming one of the youngest Citigroup Executives, where she served as the lead for the Community Development and Microfinance global operations and finance team.

Leading up to her role, for nearly 10 years, Betsabe served in different roles at Citigroup, including district manager for Citibank in Mexico, associate banker for Citi Private Bank in the US, and Vice President and Global director for Citi Community Development and Microfinance. In her last role at Citigroup, Betsabe helped build programs that focus on the democratization of access to opportunities, financial inclusion, job creation, affordable housing, and neighborhood revitalization. Betsabe believes that all these focus areas are the pillars for successful economic development and progress.

She also held roles as Risk Manager Associate at BlackRock and as a Director of Finance and Operations for a multinational private real-estate development firm based in Mexico. Currently, Betsabe serves as Director of Finance Strategy for Lending Club, the world's largest peer-to-peer online platform that facilitates personal, small business, and medical procedure loans. Betsabe joined Lending Club because she believes that the innovative Fintech products are helping build an entrepreneurial ecosystem that has the potential to generate a blended value of both economic and social returns.

Betsabe holds an MBA in Corporate Finance and an MS in Finance in the US, and a Financial Accounting degree from Mexico. Betsabe has also helped build infrastructures that support women’s succeed in business. She founded the women’s network in West Coast at Citigroup and was a catalyst for the creation of other women networks across the globe. Currently, Betsabe serves on the board of Juma ventures, is a fellow of the British America Project, and is a member of Hipower (women leaders in technology) and the Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco.

Betsabe loves spending time with her husband, snowboarding, exploring new cultures and cities, and planning for the arrival of their first child.


Be a recognized Fintech expert focus on expanding access of financial products and services to underserve communities in the US and Latin America.